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Bravo, Microsoft

Windows 10 is the first operating system to embrace the future of computing.

The Cop Who Killed Sam Dubose Lied About the Shooting. Then His Colleagues Backed Him Up.

The Most Important Feature of Windows 10 May Seem Boring. It’s Actually Revolutionary.

Mission: Impossible 5 Is Basically the Ideal Summer Movie

Bashar al-Assad’s Luck May Finally Be Running Out


Perfectly Imperfect

Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer is as wonderfully slapdash and silly as the original.


How to Fix Our Interstates

Hint: Not with more asphalt.

Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer Revival Is TV’s Reboot Boom at Its Best

These Are Not the Interstates Ike Had in Mind. How to Fix Our Expensive, Harmful Highways.

Trophy Hunting Lions and Other Big Game Is Surprisingly Popular, but That Could Soon Change

We Need to Stop Pretending That Women “Donate” Their Eggs. They Sell Them.

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