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Details of the Senate Health Care Bill Just Leaked. Prepare to Be Appalled.

Why Republicans Don’t Fear the Consequences of Passing a Toxic Health Care Overhaul

Trump Sees Lawyers as Hired Help, but Now He’s Encountered Some Who Refuse to Do His Bidding

Better Call Saul Has Reached the Point of No Return

No Rapper Could Turn Fear Into Poetry Like Mobb Deep’s Prodigy

The Breakfast Table

Which Case Will Be This Term’s Bombshell?

What to look for in SCOTUS’s decisions.

The XX Factor

There’s Nothing Brave About “Dadbod Ken”

Mattel is just chasing the money.

The Supreme Court Docket Appears to Lack a Major Case. But Looks Can Be Deceiving.

You Can Draw a Direct Line From the “Dadbod” Phenomenon to the New Ken Dolls

Liberal Icon Clarence Thomas Just Opened the Courthouse Doors to More Civil Rights Cases

North Carolina Republicans Have Devised a Diabolical Plan to Stop Losing in Court

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