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The Good Fight

The Real Lessons of the French Election

Far from a triumph for liberal democracy, the results show just how imperiled it continues to be.

Marine Le Pen Doesn’t Have a Chance

Hive-Mind Worship of “Science” at the Weekend’s March Hurt the Cause

The Best Signs From the March for Science

Why Some Sexual Predators Are Toppled and Others Survive


We Need a War Tax

It could be the most effective way to keep America out of foreign military entanglements.


Alex Jones Destabilizes the Truth Everywhere He Goes

Even at his child-custody trial.

Trump’s Newfound Militarism Shows Why We Need Some Kind of War Tax

The Alex Jones Trial Pits Reality Against Trumpian Reality. And Reality Might Lose.

S-Town Host and Producer Brian Reed on How Woodstock Reacted to the Podcast

Why Women Have Such a Fraught Relationship With Ambition

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