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Why Did He Do It?

What we know and don’t know about the apparently deliberate crash of the Germanwings flight.

Arizona Wants Doctors to Tell Patients That Abortions Can Be “Reversed”

Senator, You’re No Ronald Reagan

A Provocative New Plan to Reduce the Prison Population

And why the left hates it.

Sports Nut

The Best Duke Loss Ever

A Duke-hating aficionado’s guide to the most delicious Blue Devil defeats of all time.


Defending Darwin

I teach human evolution at the University of Kentucky. There are some students I’ll never reach.

Remembering the Greatest Duke Tournament Defeat of All Time

Teaching Evolution to Students Who Tell Me They’ll Pray for My Soul

At CNN, the Name for the Giant Headline Size on Germanwings Coverage Is “Screaming”

Obama’s Very Smart Reason for Being So Tough on Netanyahu

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