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Is Elizabeth Warren Really the Best Choice for Vice President?

Only if you think the symbolism of her nomination is bigger than the hole she’ll leave in the Senate.

SCOTUS Sure Picked an Appalling Decision to End the Term With

Clarence Thomas’ Take on Texas’ Abortion Law Doesn’t Make Much Sense

Revenge Turns the Ladies of Thrones Into Stonehearted Killers

British Airways: Come Visit Our Crisis-Ravaged Country

The Breakfast Table

The End of the Court’s Liberal Bloc

The left-leaning justices may not vote in unison much longer.


How Zoos Lost Their Bars

It makes us more comfortable with keeping animals captive, but as recent events show, that comfort is dangerous.

What the Supreme Court Will Look Like if Merrick Garland Prevails

Zoos Without Bars Make Us Feel Better. Are They Worth the Risk?

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on How the Failure of Political Elites Brought Us Brexit and Trump

What Does Sansa Stark Really Want? Clues From the Game of Thrones Season Finale.

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