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The Good Fight

The Best-Case Scenario for the Trump Presidency

Sorry, it’s not impeachment.

The Inauguration Boycott Shows Democrats Are Learning to Put Up a Fight

Why It Matters That No Poet Will Speak at the Inauguration

Reading John Lewis’ Comic Book Memoirs Today Is Heartbreaking

This May Be the Most Ridiculous Thing Paul Ryan Has Said About Obamacare


Survival in the Age of Trump

Self-defense programs flourish as women and minorities prepare to fight for their lives—literally.


“Not My Choir”

By agreeing to sing at Trump’s inauguration, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has enraged many Mormons and forced a reckoning over the LDS church’s values.

Trump Spent His Campaign Fomenting Attacks on Minorities. But as He Takes Office, They’re Ready to Fight Back.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Agreed to Sing for Trump—and Caused a Rift Among Mormons Over the Church’s Values 

Today in Conservative Media: Sean Hannity Tells President Obama to “Show a Little Class”

Trump’s First Presidential Dance Will Be to “My Way,” a Song Even Sinatra Called Self-Indulgent

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