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The Trick to Manipulating Trump

The CEO of a Japanese company with big plans in America just showed how it’s done.

Sandy Hook Truther Arrested for Threatening to Kill Parent of Murdered Child

Trump Picks Yet Another General for His Cabinet. Is This One Qualified?

The 10 Best Comics of 2016

Why I Loved These 10 Books From 2016


Michael Slager’s Trial Was a Test

Can cops kill with impunity? The mistrial in the Walter Scott case gives us a depressing answer.


I’m Not Your Racial Confessor

The black person’s burden of managing white emotions in the age of Trump.

The Walter Scott Case Was a Test: Can Cops Kill With Impunity? Now We Know the Answer.

I’m Not Your Black Friend, and I’m Not Your Racial Confessor

Kellyanne Conway Suggests That Women With Kids Shouldn’t Take Jobs in the White House

Pizzerias in Texas and New York Are Being Accused of Abetting Satanic Pedophilia, Too

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