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Obama Was Right to Commute Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

Edward Snowden should not expect similar treatment.

Attending the Inauguration Is Morally Indefensible. Here Are the Democrats Who Might Anyway.

Betsy DeVos’ Confirmation Hearing Showed She’s Underprepared or a Zealot

Obama Pardons His “Favorite General,” Whom He Also Prosecuted

Tom Friedman Doesn’t Know a Damn Thing About the Future

Medical Examiner

Tom Price Would Not Put Patients First

Health care has been politicized, and it’s sick people who suffer.


In a Regime of Lies

What can Donald Trump hope to accomplish with a blizzard of misinformation? Just ask Josef Stalin.

Patients’ Rights Ought to Be a Bipartisan Issue for Doctors

A Lesson for Trump From Stalin: Lies Work, Right up Until the Point When They Don’t

As a Disabled Person, I’m Terrified of the Trump Administration

Now Bayer Is Adding U.S. Jobs. Did Trump Make That Happen?

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