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The Faith of the Faithless Electors

Will enough of them go rogue to stop Donald Trump? Probably not. But the effort alone gives you hope.

After Haunting Eyewitness Testimony, Dylann Roof’s Mother Suffers a Heart Attack in the Courtroom

The Next President of the United States Will Remain a Paid Producer on Celebrity Apprentice

The 10 Best Comics of 2016

Jeff Sessions Is Sure Going to Love the FBI’s New Surveillance Powers


Trump Tower’s Live Feed Will Crush Your Soul

It’s not just typical C-SPAN banality.


What The Daily Show Can Teach Us Now

A new oral history of Jon Stewart’s reign offers lessons for satire in the Trump age.

Do Not Watch C-SPAN’s Live Feed of the Trump Tower Lobby

This Daily Show Oral History Is a Weird Fit for Our Political Moment—but Also Eerily Relevant

Paula Broadwell Says the Military Will Let Petraeus Move On, but Not Her

Sofia Vergara’s Frozen Embryos Are Suing Her

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