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America’s civil-military
divide is a huge problem.
John Kelly’s remarks
will only make it worse.

Liberals, Do Not Try to Turn Niger Into Trump’s Benghazi

Fox News’ Coverage of Eric Trump Is a Nonstop Delight

Populist Mayor Unleashes Police Power on Takeout Delivery Guys

It’s Been a Long Week. Treat Yourself to a Meteor Shower.


Keep Your Money, Trump

It’s highly inappropriate for the president to write a check to the father of a slain service member.

A Cabinet of Wonders

Todd Haynes feels at home in his meticulously curated new film, Wonderstruck.

Why the President Shouldn’t Be Writing Checks to the Parents of Slain Service Members

Wonderstruck Is a Cabinet of Wonders

D.C. Circuit’s Dubious Compromise Won’t Guarantee Undocumented Minor’s Abortion Rights

Please Stop Calling Everything That Frustrates You Emotional Labor

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