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Time to Stop Blaming Jill Stein and James Comey

Ask why the campaign was so close in the first place.

Trump Is Making Crass Showmanship the New Political Norm

At His Rally, Trump Certainly Didn’t Sound Like He Wants to Unite America

Mattis and Battlefield Risk

Trump’s reported pick for defense secretary explains when, and how, U.S. troops should put their lives on the line.

How Queen Sugar Became the Most Political Show on TV


Did Trump Win Because of Trade?

This new evidence is starting to convince me.

War Stories

Mad Dog or Warrior Monk?  

Trump’s pick for defense secretary is good news and bad news.

Did Donald Trump Win the Election Because of Trade? A New Study Suggests It Helped.

Mad Dog or Warrior Monk? Trump’s Pick for Secretary of Defense Doesn’t Fit Any Stereotypes.

Take a Break From Trump News to Read About How Italy, France, and Austria Are Going Down the Tubes

The Weeknd’s New Album Is Sure to Be a Blockbuster, but His Ego Trip Is Getting Old

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