Obamacare Is Safe

Don’t worry, the ruling against heath care subsidies is going to be reversed.

Tony Dungy’s Comments About Michael Sam Are the Definition of Homophobia

No, That Dutch Cyclist Wasn’t Booked on Both Doomed Malaysian Flights

Great Illusion: Are These Dots Rotating or Moving in a Straight Line?

The XX Factor

$190 Million Can’t Buy “Closure”

What’s wrong with Johns Hopkins’ cold legal solution for victims of an abusive gynecologist.


Gone to the Dogs

The strange rituals—and stranger people—you find at the dog park.

$190 Million Can’t Buy “Closure” for the Victims of Johns Hopkins’ Abusive Gynecologist

What I Learned by Spending an Entire Day at One of America’s Most Contentious Dog Parks

Comcast Lost 144,000 Cable Subscribers Last Quarter—and They're Psyched About It

This NYU Scholar Believes Gazan Civilians Are Legitimate Targets

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