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Can Donald Trump Even Count on a Convention Polling Bounce?

His rise defied political orthodoxy. His collapse just might, too.

Bill Clinton’s Surprise Loretta Lynch Visit Isn’t a Scandal. But It Is a Problem.

Judge Delivers Stinging Defeat to Mississippi’s Anti-LGBTQ “Religious Liberty” Law

The  Government Is Concerned That We Never Hang Out Anymore

Kansas’ Insane Right-Wing Experiment Is Destroying Its Roads


The Left’s Next Big Idea

Elizabeth Warren is right. Democrats should crack down on monopolies and thwart mega-mergers.



Steven Spielberg’s Roald Dahl adaptation is a little schmaltzy, but there’s real magic in Mark Rylance’s performance.

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Bring Back Trust Busting. The Democrats Should Listen.

Mark Rylance Makes Motion-Capture Magic in The BFG

Star Trek’s Corporate Parents Decided to Be Even More Draconian With Trekkies

Now You Can Find Out Everything Google Knows About You and Delete the Embarrassing Stuff

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