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Alabama Democrats Are
Just Getting Started

Whatever happens tonight, a
movement has begun to upend
Republicans’ long history of
dominance in the state.

Predators on Periscope Are Luring Young Girls Into Sexually Explicit Acts—and Periscope Isn’t Stopping It

Roy Moore Sits Down for an Interview With a 12-Year-Old Girl. Really.

That Nat Geo Polar Bear Is Probably Not Dying From Climate Change

Why the Internet Turned Against a Bullied Kid


My Favorite 10 Books of the Year

A reimagined Odyssey, Hillary Clinton’s reckoning, and fairy tales about sexual horror.

The Last Jedi’s
Genuine Beauty

Writer-director Rian
Johnson approaches
the franchise with a
bold vision drawn
from a whole
universe of film.

Katy Waldman’s 10 Favorite Books of 2017

The Last Jedi Brings Fresh Ideas Not Just to Star Wars but to the Whole Universe of Movies

U.S. Military Chiefs Are Now Responding to Trump With Respectful Disobedience

How Fox News Is Undermining the Mueller Investigation

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