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Obama Did What He Had to Do

His cautious response to Russian interference protected our democracy.

GOP Sen. Dean Heller Trashes Senate Health Care Bill, Says He’s a “No”

Eye-Popping Washington Post Report Explains Why Obama’s Retaliation Against Putin Was So Weak

GLOW: Women Literally Wrestling With Sexism and Racism

The New Transformers Is Terrible, but I Love It Anyway


Fear Is a Powerful Defense

When cops kill black citizens like Philando Castile, they can get away with it just by saying they were afraid.


Was This It?

Every generation of New York rockers romanticizes its era. In the juicy new book Meet Me in the Bathroom, the early 2000s was the golden age.

“Fear” Was a Viable Defense for Killing Philando Castile. With Police and Black Victims, It Always Is.

The Keyboardist From the Hold Steady Dishes About the Book That Dishes About the Strokes

Is the Supreme Court About to Make the Travel Ban Fight Moot?

Here’s How to Fix Gerrymandering Without Getting the Courts Involved

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