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High Drama for Obamacare at the High Court

Scalia and Kagan are feisty; Kennedy gives hope to people who care about affordable care.

How Ironic It Will Be if Justice Kennedy’s Line of Thinking Saves Obamacare

Under Kennedy’s Logic, These Other Forms of Federal Coercion Could Be Ruled Unconstitutional Too

Ferguson’s Police and City Officials Are the True Criminals

The ways they targeted blacks and violated basic rights were much worse than we thought.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Defense Attorney: “It Was Him”

The Only Realistic Way to Shrink the Prison Population Is to Release Some Violent Offenders—and That’s OK


Red Summer

In 1919, white Americans visited awful violence on black Americans. So black Americans decided to fight back.

Gun Owners Are Always to Blame for Unintentional Child Shootings. They’re Not “Accidents.”

Wordnesia: When You Forget How to Spell the Very Simplest of Words

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