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Killing Terrorists
Is Not a Strategy

Trump's Afghanistan speech says nothing about how he plans to end America's longest war.

Bill O’Reilly Says Trump Defended Nazis Because He Doesn’t Get How Bad the Holocaust Was

In Phoenix, Trump Could Pour Gasoline on the Fire He Started After Charlottesville

This Week’s Worst Person in Westeros: The Night King

Trump Ignores Advice Not to Stare Directly at the Sun

Future Tense

The New Death Traps

Technology—which is supposed to keep us safe—is killing us in sudden and unexpected ways.

Can Science Fix Itself?

Only if researchers admit that science is broken.

Technology Is Breaking Everything We Know About Staying Safe

Science Is Not “Self-Correcting.” Science Is Broken.

Craigslist Posters Are Already Trying to Sell Their Used Eclipse Glasses as Collectors’ Items

A Disaster in Totality: The Solar Eclipse, Reviewed

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