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War Stories

Mad Dog or Warrior Monk?  

Trump’s pick for defense secretary is good news and bad news.

Trump’s “Victory Tour” Speech Outlines His Menacing Vision for an Angry, Insular America

Does Fighting Racism Make Racists More Racist?

Mattis and Battlefield Risk

Trump’s reported pick for defense secretary explains when, and how, U.S. troops should put their lives on the line.

Trump Is Shocked That Working-Class Voters Fell for His B.S.


Will Trump Damage Public Schools?

From privatization to civil rights, his Department of Education could transform the system.


The Rust Belt Revolt Is a Myth

Proof that Trump did not flip working-class white voters.

How Much Damage Could Trump Do to Public Education?

Trump Didn’t Flip Working-Class White Voters. The Rust Belt Revolt Is a Myth.

Goodbye to Self Magazine and Its Maddening Message That Women Should Be Confident but Also Thin

Jackie Is Emotionally Intense, so Why Didn’t It Make Me Feel Anything?

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