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Charlotte Was Different

An all-too-familiar story—an unarmed black man killed by a white police officer—with an unfamiliar ending.

Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to Scientists Who Helped Defeat Deadly Parasites

Doctors Without Borders Says U.S. May Have Committed War Crime

The United States Is Far More Violent Than Other Rich Countries

American Apparel Filed for Bankruptcy

That could be just what the company needs.

The Juice

Even Appalachia Is Walking Away From Coal

Why the Tennessee Valley Authority is about to retire a massive chunk of its coal-burning plants.


Why Do-Gooders Make the Rest of Us Uncomfortable

Larissa MacFarquhar explores unchecked idealism in Strangers Drowning.

Even Appalachia Is Walking Away From Coal

Why Do-Gooders Make the Rest of Us Uncomfortable

This Supreme Court Term Will Erase Much of Sandra Day O’Connor’s Legacy

The Martian Worships Science. But Is It Good for Science?

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