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Why the “Fight of the Century” Was Such a Disappointment

Police Kill Two Armed Men Who Allegedly Opened Fire at Texas “Muhammad Cartoon Contest”

British Voters Are Turning on the U.K.’s Biggest Political Parties

The Baltimore Riots Weren’t Hooliganism. They Were a Protest Against the Ghetto Economy.

The Dream Sequences of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Explained 


Louie’s Extreme Makeover

The dramatic, surprising evolution of the character’s philosophy of love.


What Was the Venus de Milo Doing With Her Arms?

3-D printing allows us to test a provocative theory that she was busy spinning thread.

The Surprising Evolution of Louie’s Philosophy of Love

If We Can 3-D Print the Venus de Milo With Arms, What Are Her Arms Doing?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Bares Her Bigotry With a Breathtaking Lack of Awareness

What Happened When Gamers Gave $3.3 Million to Fund a Supposedly Epic Video Game

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