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The GOP Base Loves Trump

It sees itself in his foreign policy belligerence, anti-elite agitation, and raw bigotry.

The Justice Department Is Investigating Collusion Among Major U.S. Airlines

Two Clerks Resigned to Avoid Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses. Good for Them!

Clarence Thomas Sided With the Obama Administration More This Term Than Ruth Bader Ginsburg Did

Do You Need an Avocado Scooper When You Have a Spoon?

Bad Astronomy

Yes, Jim Carrey, You Are an Anti-Vaxxer

Deny it all you want, but your bogus claims are ignorant and dangerous.


The End of the Death Penalty?

Recent Supreme Court opinions suggest there are five votes to abolish capital punishment.

Jim Carrey Makes a Series of Unfortunate Tweets

The Supreme Court May Be Ready to Abolish the Death Penalty

Chris Thile From Nickel Creek Is Taking Over A Prairie Home Companion. That’s Marvelous.

Channing Tatum Is a Hunk, but He Also Has an Impressive Body of Work

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