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Justices’ Questions, Answered

Previously on Same-Sex Marriage Arguments at the Supreme Court

Obama Said Drones Would Target Only Specific Terrorists. We Can’t Take Him Seriously Anymore.

Louie’s “Cop Story” Episode Says a Lot About Police Brutality Without Saying Anything at All

The Eternal Appeal of “Bye, Felicia,” 20 Years Later

Frank Miller Is Working on Another Dark Knight Returns    


It Wasn’t an Armenian “Catastrophe”

It was a genocide. And Obama should know better.

Sports Nut

Is This Basketball? 

A field guide to the grisly circus that is the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Obama Knows the Truth About the Armenian Genocide

Are the Eastern Conference Playoffs Actually Basketball?

What Last Night’s Crushing Episode Means for the Future of Grey’s Anatomy

Hillary Clinton So Far Is Running an Aggressively Feminist Campaign. Smart Move.

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