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An Israeli Insult

Benjamin Netanyahu is risking U.S.-Israeli relations on partisan politics. It’s revolting and dangerous.

The Next Big Climate Fight Will Be About How Much Meat You Eat

The DHS Funding Fiasco Might Mean the End of John Boehner’s Speakership

Every Shot on House of Cards Looks the Same


We Need a Clear Conversation About Rape on Campus

The Hunting Ground is not it.

Sports Nut

Game, Set, and (Fixed) Match

Pro tennis has a match-fixing problem in its lower ranks.

What’s Wrong With the New Documentary About Rape on College Campuses

Pro Tennis Has a Match-Fixing Problem in Its Lower Ranks

Duck Dynasty Guy Bemoans Genital Herpes, Non-Christians in White House

Dakota Johnson Joined ISIS in a Divisive SNL Sketch

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