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There Are No Checks and Balances on Trump

Republican leaders will excuse his worst behavior as long as he signs their legislation.

Paul Ryan Is Talking About Privatizing Medicare. Has He Completely Lost His Marbles?

A Utah Republican Is Doing More to Challenge Trump Than 99 Percent of Democrats

SNL Is Basically Just Reciting Facts About Trump Now

The Finale of Westworld Highlighted the Show’s Biggest Problem


Trump’s Words Don’t Matter?

What his defenders really mean when they say his lying tweets shouldn’t be read literally.


The Stunt Presidency

Donald Trump plans to replace governing with gimmickry. It’s already working.

Paul Ryan Says It “Doesn’t Matter” When Trump Lies on Twitter. That’s Garbage.

Trump’s Plan to Replace Governing With Gimmickry

Why the Companies Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline Don’t Give a Damn What the Government Decided

The Gay Rights Movement Just Scored a Massive Legal Victory Thanks to Walmart

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