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Future Tense

Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Be the Next Bill Gates

But it will be tougher than he thinks.

The Problem With the Conservative Rhetoric About Planned Parenthood: It’s All Lies

Republican Donors Are Abandoning Their Opposition to Gay Rights. Will the Base?

Porn Star James Deen Is No Feminist Idol

He was the stuff of many women’s fantasies. But new rape allegations expose him for what he really is.

Zuckerberg’s Entry Into Philanthropy Was Naive and Reckless. Here’s What He’s Learned.

Supreme Court Dispatches

John Roberts, Working-Class Hero

The chief justice steps in to defend those who live paycheck to paycheck.


Just Being Honest

In the new season of Transparent, the Pfeffermans are more loathsome—and captivating—than ever.

Must an Employee Still Be Employed to Sue for Discrimination?

In Transparent Season 2, the Pfeffermans Are More Loathsome, and Captivating, Than Ever

Proof That the Kochs and Exxon Have Powered the Climate-Denial Machine for Decades

Accused Planned Parenthood Shooter Depicted as Violent Creep, Internet Commenter

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