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Why It Matters That Jeb Bush Defended Mike Pence

Don’t be surprised if the Republican Party’s position on religious freedom moves further to the right.

California’s Mandatory Water Restrictions Let the Agriculture Industry Off the Hook. Bad Move.

Undeniable Signs That Democracy Is Making a Comeback

An Internet Comic About Post-Internet Life Imagines All Our Privacy Nightmares Come True

Younger Ruins the “Millennials in Brooklyn” TV Premise


Science’s Big Scandal

Fraudulent, plagiarized, and nonsense papers pass peer review.


So You Got Rejected by Harvard. Guess What? It Doesn’t Matter.

Science’s Big Scandal: Fraudulent, Plagiarized, and Nonsense Papers Pass Peer Review

So You Got Rejected by Harvard. Guess What? It Doesn’t Matter.

MTV’s True Life Shows Slut-Shaming in Action, and It’s Nauseating 

McDonald’s Fortunes Are So Dire, It’s Doing a Decent Thing for Its Workers

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