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What Does Marco Rubio Stand For?

The senator’s chameleonlike nature makes him the GOP’s best hope to win the general election—if he can make it that far.

Tinder Is Blocking Bernie Fans for Using Matches as Campaign Targets

Ted Cruz Just Won Iowa. Why Does It Feel Like He Lost?

Can You Be a Feminist and Still Enjoy Being Catcalled?

Why Apple Can’t Figure Out Television


Are AR-15s Not Dangerous Enough to Ban?

They don’t kill as many people as handguns, which are totally legal, says a U.S. appeals court.

Sports Nut

I Hate Peyton Manning

He always gets the benefit of the doubt—even when he doesn’t deserve it.

The Supreme Court May Finally Have to Take a New Gun Case

Peyton Manning Always Gets the Benefit of the Doubt—Even When He Doesn’t Deserve it

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Is a Great Jane Austen Adaptation (Except for One Twist)

One Med School’s Novel Approach to Educating Doctors About LGBT Issues

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