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Patty Murray Should Be the Next Senate Minority Leader

The Washington senator is a better choice than Elizabeth Warren or Chuck Schumer.

Amanda Knox Guilty Verdict Overturned by Italy's Highest Court

The Silver Lining in Ellen Pao’s Loss in Her Gender Discrimination Suit

Angelina Jolie Did the Right Thing in Removing Her Ovaries

But she gave a lot of really lousy advice.

This Is How a Campus Reacts When a Professor Compares Hamas to a “Rabid Pit Bull” on Facebook


Marijuana Is Changing the Workplace

Here's how employers should deal with it.


Andreas Lubitz’s Act Wasn’t Suicide

It was mass murder.

Marijuana Is Changing the Workplace. Here's How Employers Should Deal With It.

Andreas Lubitz Committed Mass Murder, Not Suicide

SeaWorld Honestly Thought It Was a Good Idea to Invite the Internet to Ask the Company Anything

The iPhone Added Another App You Don’t Want and Can’t Delete. Please Stop, Apple.

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