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“Obamacare is dead!”
“Obamacare is collapsing!”
“Obamacare is gone!”

The New Lie
Trump Needs
Americans to Believe

White House Issues New Visa Rules on Muslim Immigrants, Refugees, and Green Card Holders

Texas Republican Who Was Never a Baby and Had No Mother Decries the Value of Maternity Care

Maggie Haberman on Why Trump Staffers Leak to Reporters

Instead of a Housing Subsidy, Make Congressmen Live in Dorms

The Juice

The U.S. Doesn’t Need Trump’s “Energy Week”

It’s kind of like having wine week in France.

Baby Driver

Edgar Wright’s latest looks like a car-chase movie, but its one true love is music.

The White House Is Celebrating Energy Week. Every Week Is Energy Week.

Edgar Wright’s New Car-Chase Movie Is Like Singin’ in the Rain With a Souped-Up Engine

LGBTQ Refugees Need to Be Out in America to Prove They Could Be Killed Back Home

Facebook Is Oblivious to How Hate Speech Really Works

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