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Andreas Lubitz’s Act Wasn’t Suicide

It was mass murder.

Even Psychiatric Tests Couldn’t Have Stopped the Germanwings Crash

Forget Kentucky. The Best Team in NCAA Tournament History Was This One.

Remembering the Greatest Duke Tournament Defeat of All Time

Angelina Jolie Did the Right Thing in Removing Her Ovaries

But she gave a lot of really lousy advice.

The Slatest

Eerie Echoes of a Deliberate Crash

The 2013 flight in which a pilot locked his co-pilot out of the cockpit and flew the airliner into a swamp.


The Apps You Can’t Kill

Why Apple forces its software on your iPhone and won’t let you delete it.

The 2013 Airplane Crash That Is Eerily Similar to the Germanwings Tragedy

The iPhone Added Another App You Don’t Want and Can’t Delete. What Gives?

The Only Thing That Can Make the Pain of a Miscarriage Worse: Being Bankrupted by the Medical Costs

Why The Walking Dead Should Kill Off Its Most Beloved Character

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