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The Black Film Canon

The 50 greatest movies by black directors.

The Libertarians Can’t Save This Election. The Libertarians Are Nuts.

What Bran Stark’s Visions of Fire Really Mean on Game of Thrones

The Genius, Rule-Breaking Secret to Better Burgers

How the iPhone SE Is Like a Stapler


“Everyone Lost Their Freaking Minds”

What makes Facebook Live videos so mind-blowingly bad—with glimmers of transcendence.

The Anti-Marathon

Join the Slate Anti-Marathon

Train for something—anything!—with Slate staff and your fellow readers.

What Makes Facebook Live Videos So Mind-Blowingly Bad—With Glimmers of Transcendence

Train for the Slate Anti-Marathon With Us—No Running Required

Should Harambe the Gorilla Have Been Shot? This 30-Year-Old Footage Has Some Saying No.

Trump Thinks “There Is No Drought” in California. That’s Grotesque.

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