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The GOP Establishment Will Not Find Salvation in South Carolina

The only candidate who can beat Donald Trump is Ted Cruz, and vice versa. 

Christie Is Dropping Out, but There’s One More Thing He Can Do to Change the GOP Race

I Used to Hate Hillary Clinton. Now I’m Voting for Her.

John Kasich’s Second-Place Finish in New Hampshire Is a Nightmare for the GOP

Marco Rubio Shouldn’t Blame Chris Christie for His New Hampshire Drubbing


Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

A historian of fascism weighs in.


“Formation” Exploits New Orleans’ Trauma

Beyoncé’s blockbuster video isn’t advocacy. It’s appropriation.

Is Trump a Fascist? A Historian of Fascism Weighs In.

With “Formation,” Beyoncé Exploits New Orleans’ Trauma in the Name of Herself

Coal Producers Think They Just Scored a Big SCOTUS Win. They’re Wrong.

The Audience of The View Goes Nuts for Bernie Sanders’ Opinions About Public Policy

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