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How Charter Schools Bust Unions

By intimidating teachers. By scaring parents. And sometimes by calling the cops.

David Plouffe Isn’t Worried About Trump—and He’s Confident in Clinton

Looks Like Trump Secretly Violated the Cuba Embargo While Backing It in Public

Obama Thinks You Should Take a Sick Day

The president takes our questions about workers’ right to sick leave and what the White House is doing about it.

HBO Grasps for Another Gory, Sexy Drama With Westworld

The Next 20

Will Hillary Pay for Bill Clinton’s Mistake?

Trump is hammering her on trade—all because of the 2000 pact with China that transformed America’s economy.

The Next 20

Weapon of Self-Destruction

How the Iraq war wrecked the GOP.

A 2005 Speech by Then-Obscure Ben Bernanke Predicted the Economic Tragedy of Our Time

Shopping for a House Used to Be an Ordeal. Now It’s Entertainment.

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