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Fox News Is Losing Its Grip

The network is desperately downplaying the biggest political drama of our time—and viewers are tuning out.

Europeans Secretly Love Trump for Confirming Their Own Sense of Superiority

Senate Republicans Are Pretending the AHCA Simply Doesn’t Exist

 Not Even “the Rock” Can Rescue the New Baywatch

The Best Lines From Clinton’s Surprisingly Good Wellesley Speech Today


Why Trump Won’t Say “Radical Islamic  Terrorism”

He’s come around to Obama’s position.


The Gentleman and the Child

The first excerpt from Philip Pullman’s new trilogy The Book of Dust.

Why Trump Won’t Say “Radical Islamic Terrorism”

Read an Excerpt From the First Novel in the World of His Dark Materials in 17 Years

Americans Are Realizing That We All Deserve Health Care. Single-Payer Is the Only Way to Achieve That.

I Actually Liked the Flimsy, Creaky New Pirates of the Caribbean. I Need Help.

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