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Becoming a Man in the Age of Trump

No, Hillary and Donald Did Not Share a Nice “Private” Moment at Last Night’s Grotesque Al Smith Dinner

This Is Probably Why a Lot of the Internet Went Down This Morning

When Does “Poll Watching” Become Voter Intimidation?

Republican Congressman Defends Trump: “Sometimes a Lady Needs to Be Told When She’s Being Nasty”

Future Tense

Should Facebook Fire Peter Thiel?

Why the billionaire’s support of Donald Trump is dividing the tech industry.


It Looked Great. It Was Unwatchable.

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk shows the promise and failure of high-frame-rate cinema.

Peter Thiel’s Support of Donald Trump Is Not a Good Enough Reason to Fire Him

Ang Lee Has Made the Most Realistic-Looking Movie Ever. It’s Unwatchable.

Clinton’s Jokes at the Al Smith Dinner Were Delightfully Funny—and Weren’t Even the Best Part

Pediatricians No Longer Say Kids Under 2 Shouldn’t Watch Screens. Finally!

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