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The Dictator's Right-Hand Man

Paul Manafort has rescued the reputations of African tyrants, Putin puppets, and evil oligarchs. Getting Donald Trump elected will be a cinch.

Why Ted Cruz Picked Carly Fiorina: She’s Trump Bait

Oklahoma Court: Making an Unconscious Victim Perform Oral Sex Isn’t Sexual Assault

Prince May Have Been the Greatest Guitarist Since Hendrix

Jeans Designed to Give You a Wedgie Are Just Wrong


The Democratic Primary Ruined My Friendship

Why the Bernie-Hillary rivalry has gotten so personal.


Toward a New Theory of the Bad Dad and Husband

And a new history of the women whose names and work will never be known.

The Democratic Primary Ruined My Friendship!

Toward a Historical Theory of the Bad Dad and Husband

If You’re the Only Woman or Minority Being Considered for a Job, You Won’t Be Hired

How a Debate Over Sauna Nudity Almost Tore Iceland Apart

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