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War Stories

The Middle East in 2015 Is a Lot Like Europe in 1914

How did that work out again?

These Are Now the GOP’s Best Prospects for House Speaker. Yeesh.

Marco Rubio Is Not “Surging in the Polls,” Shows No Signs of Actual Momentum

The Fundamental Thing About Steve Jobs That Steve Jobs Gets Wrong

Twitter’s New Blue Notification Dot Is Driving Me Nuts

And I’m not alone.

The XX Factor

DMV or Planned Parenthood?

Try to tell the two apart based on their Yelp reviews.


I Can No Longer Get a Decent Photograph of My Children

They refuse to be frozen in time, and so I can feel time slipping through my fingers.

Yelp Reviews of the DMV and Planned Parenthood: Can You Tell Them Apart?

At a Certain Age, It’s Impossible to Get a Good Photograph of Your Child

New Airbus Patent Would Stack Passengers on Top of Each Other

The Plague of Reporters Who Want to “Shag” Their Subjects

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