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The Most Vivid, Effective, and Brutal Ad of 2016

How it could get more Democrats to vote and more Republicans to stay home.

Paul Ryan’s Popularity Is Nosediving Among Republicans

Update: Many Devices Used in East Coast Cyberattack Had One Key Security Flaw

Aimee Mann on How She Got Inside Donald Trump’s Head for Her New Song

What’s Up With Kellyanne Conway’s Cryptic Tweets, Hmm?

Sports Nut

Cubs Win!

How the most pessimistic fans in sports transformed into a bunch of optimists.


Confessions of a Refrigerator Nerd

I prefer Pyrex, wrap my greens in paper towels, and won’t store my cheddar in anything but cheese bags.

I Always Think the Cubs Are Going to Lose. I Know They’re Going to Win the World Series.

Is It Normal to Be Obsessed With Organizing Your Fridge?

The EU Is So Dysfunctional That Tiny Wallonia Is Causing Misery for All of Europe and Canada

How the U.S. Government Made the Maps That Crippled Black Neighbhorhoods

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