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How to Beat Trump in a Debate

He has three weaknesses.

The Presidential Debate Commission Chief Is Wary That Moderators Might Dare to Fact-Check the Candidates

These Are Trump’s Favorite Lies. Lester Holt, Take Notice.

Trump Camp: We Didn’t Really Invite Gennifer Flowers to the Debate

José Fernández Was the Future of Baseball

Slate Academy

How Rock Music Became “White”

Introducing Pop, Race, and the ’60s, a series asking how black musicians were erased from rock ’n’ roll in a decade of integration.

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How Chicago Got So Violent

In the 1990s, prosecutors dismantled the powerful gangs that ran the city. Did they unwittingly sow the seeds of today’s bloodshed?

Introducing “Pop, Race, and the ’60s”: A Slate Academy

Did the Effort to Eradicate Chicago’s Gangs in the 1990s Inadvertently Lead to its Bloody Present?

After the Baton Rouge Flood, I Helped Gut a Stranger’s House. It Turns Out We Weren’t Strangers at All.

Need Advice: My Husband Makes 10 Times More Than I Do, and Controls Our Every Penny

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