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The End of German Stability

The new crisis in its government bodes badly for Merkel—and for democracies everywhere.

Trump Declares North Korea a “State Sponsor of Terrorism.” Does It Really Commit Terrorism?

Report: H.R. McMaster, Like Rex Tillerson, Has Said Privately That Trump Is Real Dumb

SNL: Chance the Rapper Begs Obama to Return in a ’90s R&B Ballad

Coco Is Haunted by the Ghosts of Past Pixar Movies

The World

Yemen’s Story of Starvation

Why the country was uniquely prone to famine even before the Saudi-led war plunged it into misery.

The Thanksgiving
That Nearly Led to Divorce

I was in the kitchen—and my husband wasn’t—when I realized something was deeply wrong in our marriage.

Yemen May Be Facing the World’s Worst Famine in Decades. How Did It Get So Bad?

A Very Long List of Nonnegotiable Rules Saved Our Thanksgiving—and Our Marriage

Bills Coach Still Not Sure It Was a Mistake to Start the QB Who Had the Worst Game of All Time on Sunday

What Would Transparent Look Like Without Jeffrey Tambor?

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