Is Snapchat Really Confusing, or Am I Just Old?

A 32-year-old’s hopeless quest to understand America’s fastest-growing social app.

The Upper Middle Class Is Ruining America, and I Want It to Stop 

Us Weekly Ran a Surprisingly Respectful Cover Story About Bruce Jenner’s Gender Identity

John Oliver on Letterman Was a Clash Between the Old and New


Tough to Swallow

How Indiana’s Medicaid bargain could mark a major turning point in the battle over Obamacare.


To the Teacher Who Changed My Life

Thank you.

Why Indiana’s Tough Medicaid Bargain May Be the Only Way to Insure the Poor

To the Teacher Who Changed My Life: Thank You

Better Call Saul Is a Superhero Origin Story Disguised in a Cheap Suit and Hairpiece

The Most Important New England Patriot Never Touches the Ball

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