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Alex Jones Destabilizes the Truth Everywhere He Goes

Even at his child-custody trial.

Homeland Security Chief: “I Don’t Know How to Stop” Homegrown Terrorists

Centrist Emmanuel Macron Will Face Far-Right Marine Le Pen in France’s Runoff for President

The Best Signs From the March for Science

It Turns Out Kendrick Lamar’s Mom Likes Kendrick Lamar’s Album


We Need a War Tax

It could be the most effective way to keep America out of foreign military entanglements.


The Handmaid’s Tale Will Freak You Out

Yet, amid the show’s terrifying world, it’s a pleasure to witness one spark of hope.

Trump’s Newfound Militarism Shows Why We Need Some Kind of War Tax

The Handmaid’s Tale Is Mortally Terrifying. It’s Also Somehow a Pleasure to Watch.

S-Town Host and Producer Brian Reed on How Woodstock Reacted to the Podcast

Why Women Have Such a Fraught Relationship With Ambition

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