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The GOP’s Best Plan to Kill Obamacare

It’s the same strategy the Democrats used to pass Obamacare.

Trump’s Pointless Defense Budget Is a Sure Way to Undermine U.S. Security

Without Trump, the White House Press Corps Can Fix Its Corrosive Dinner

Casablanca Is Losing Its Hold on Movie Lovers

“The President Is Who?”

How amnesia patients react when I have to break the unbelievable news to them.


Putin and Trump Are More Alike Than They Seem 

Masha Gessen on what Americans can expect, based on what Russians have already experienced.

Trials and Error

Is Capital Punishment Making a Comeback in Dallas?

Death sentences in the U.S. have reached a record low, even in Texas. A new district attorney might reverse that trend.

Where Trump and Putin Converge, According to Masha Gessen—and What It Means for Americans

Death Sentences in the U.S. Are at a Record Low. Will Dallas Reverse That Trend?

In the Age of Le Pen, France Is Rethinking the Wisdom of Directly Electing Its President

More Signs That the Worst-Case Scenario of the Trump Presidency Is Coming to Pass

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