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 A Swing and a Miss

Peter Schweizer’s attack on the Clintons leads with his conclusions and never connects the dots.

There’s a Big Problem With Abstinence-Based Sex Ed. This Texas High School Learned It the Hard Way.

Clinton Cash Doesn’t Have a Smoking Gun, but What It Says About Money and Politics Is Still Troubling

The Creator of “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” Died, and Ryan Gosling Ate Cereal in Tribute

Most Americans Think We Should Soak the Rich and Redistribute Wealth

The Slatest

“They Don’t Deserve Anything”

An Israeli soldiers’ group released an oral history of inhumanity in Gaza.

The Kids

Parents Can’t Handle the Tooth

Moms and dads blame teething for their infants’ sleeplessness, crying, fevers, and diarrhea. They’re missing the real cause.

Activist Israeli Soldiers' Group Releases Oral History of Gaza Inhumanity

Parents Love to Blame Teething for All Their Babies’ Miseries. They’re Missing the Real Cause.

No, Beards Are Not a Hive of Dangerous Bacteria

The Perfect Sentence Construction for Speaking Truth to Power? Bitch, You Guessed It.

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