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The Law Is Irrelevant
to Donald Trump

This has never been clearer than
in his latest New York Times interview.

The Biggest Reason Trumpcare Failed Is Trump

Trump Seems to Think Some Health Insurance Costs $1 a Month

Luc Besson’s Latest Epic Is a Blast From Sci-Fi’s Much Sillier Past

What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Dunkirk


Religious Freedom Is Only for Christians

Conservatives have forsaken pluralism. A new case, almost certainly headed to SCOTUS, will test their faith.


Trump Hasn’t Killed Comedy

He’s just killed our dumb contemporary idea of comedy.

Conservatives in Trump’s America Are Desperate to Win the Fight for Christians’ Religious Liberty

Trump Hasn’t Killed Comedy. He’s Killed Our Stupid Idea of Comedy.

Amazon’s Making Meal Kits Now. How Can Blue Apron Survive?

Trump Is Defending Himself in Court by Arguing That His Words Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously

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