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Hillary Found Her Footing Thursday Night

Clinton was clear, full-throated, and tried out a new critique on Sanders that just might work.

Bernie Sanders Is Trying to Hide His Lack of Foreign Policy Chops

Marco Rubio’s Tax Plan Is a Grotesque Gift to America’s Plutocrats

Hillary Suddenly Won’t Stop Talking About Her Buddy Obama

The Problem With Same-Sex Valentine’s Day Cards


I Can’t Hate Trump

I do hate the Republicans who’ve enabled his astonishing rise.


Subway Cars Should Be Like Centipedes

Most of the world has figured out this simple solution to overcrowding. Why does the U.S. resist it?

I Can’t Hate Donald Trump. I Do Hate the Republicans Who’ve Enabled Him.

Most of the World’s Subways Have a Smart, Simple Fix for Overcrowding. Why Does the U.S. Resist It?

There’s a Good Word for NFL Honcho Roger Goodell, and It’s Not Liar

Why the Second Season of Better Call Saul Is Better Than the First

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