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How Trump Outsmarted the GOP

The real estate magnate didn’t just pledge his loyalty to the Republican Party. The GOP pledged itself to Trump.

All the Obstacles That Will Keep Bernie Sanders From Winning the Democratic Nomination

News Organizations Were Wrong to Not Run the Most Horrific Photo of the Syrian Boy. Including Slate.

Teen Used Website to Help Her Fake a Pregnancy for Months

What the GOP Candidates Think of the Kentucky Clerk’s Anti–Gay Marriage Crusade

Sports Nut

Goodell’s Long Fall

The NFL commissioner acts omnipotent. Deflategate shows how ineffectual his entire tenure has been.

The Slatest

We Could Stop More Refugee Children From Drowning. But We Won’t.

Why Roger Goodell’s Latest Disaster Might Actually Be His Undoing

We Could Stop More Refugee Children From Drowning. But We Won’t.

Why Did 12 Players Drop Out in the First Round of the U.S. Open? Money.

You’re Not Actually Bad at Math. You Just Don’t Understand What Math Is.

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