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Trump’s Dark Global Vision

His U.N. speech used his “America First” doctrine to justify deranged hostility toward our enemies.

Right Wing Revives Claim That Trump’s Wiretap Accusation Has Been “Vindicated.” (It Hasn’t.)

If Anthony Kennedy Follows Precedent, He’ll Strike Down Partisan Gerrymandering

The Worst Ad of the 2018 Elections Is Already Here

How I Got Over My Dread of Returning Stuff to Stores


No One Becomes a Cop Because It’s Safe

Police officers need to accept the risk that comes with showing restraint.

What Andrew Sullivan Gets Wrong About Tribalism

He thinks liberals and conservatives deserve equal blame for dividing the country. They don’t.

Police Officers Need to Accept the Risk That Comes With Showing Restraint

Andrew Sullivan’s Simplistic Diagnosis—and Unrealistic Cure—for What Ails Us

Hunger and Obesity Are Both Rising—and Can Stem From the Same Issues

Taylor Swift Is Being Sued for Plagiarism

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