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He Killed Her Daughter. She Forgave Him.

Linda White believes in a form of justice that privileges atonement over punishment. She practices what she preaches.

SCOTUS Might Destroy Affirmative Action Because a White Woman’s Grades Weren’t Good Enough

Greece Is About to Do Something No Developed Country Has Ever Done

What I Learned From Working Out With a Bunch of Babies

There’s Something Very Surprising About This Glass of Water


With Justices Like These ...

Breyer and Ginsburg sided against the Obama administration more than the other justices this term.


Paradise on the Brink

On the Greek island of Agistri, the only ATM is empty, but everything is “No problem, no problem.”

Clarence Thomas Sided With the Obama Administration More Than Ruth Bader Ginsburg Did

What It’s Like Vacationing on a Greek Island During the Debt Crisis. (There’s One ATM. It’s Empty.)

Why Americans Have Become More Open-Minded on Gay Marriage but Not on Abortion

Google Scrambles After Software IDs Photo of Two Black People as “Gorillas”

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