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Obamacare Dangles by a Single Vote, Again

Clues from today that Justice Kennedy may support the government in King v. Burwell.

Alabama Supreme Court Throws Tantrum, Defies Federal Judge, Halts Gay Marriages

Before You Start Freaking Out or Cheering About What Might Happen to Obamacare, Read This

Funniest Thing From the New Vince Vaughn Movie: Fake Stock Photos


The Clinton Curse

Hillary’s private email use is a scandal because people always suspect she’s up to no good.


The Gross Hypocrisy of Benjamin Netanyahu

Don’t pretend Bibi didn’t mean to offend Obama. He is a bully and a liar. 

Why Hillary Clinton Is Cursed

Benjamin Netanyahu Is a Bully and a Hypocrite

You’re Paying Too Much for Wireless. Google Is About to Change That.

100 Descriptions of Mostly Miserable 19th-Century Marriages

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