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Kids of Helicopter Parents Are Sputtering Out

Recent studies suggests that kids with overinvolved parents and rigidly structured childhoods suffer psychological blowback in college. 

Thomas Piketty Explains Why the Germans Are Being Massive Hypocrites About Greece’s Debt

The RNC Just Leaked a Plan to Hit Hillary Where She’s Strongest: Her Competency

The Last Days of the Great American Showpeople

Will we remember them as megastars or punch lines?

What the Reddit Rebellion Is Really About


Bernie Sanders Is the Ron Paul of the Left

He won’t win the nomination, but his popularity still matters. 


Are Cats Really Wild Animals?

Experts clash over whether they count as a domesticated species.

Why Bernie Sanders Is the Left’s Ron Paul

Are Cats Truly Domesticated? Or Are They Really Wild Animals?

Why Teenagers Love Making Jokes About 9/11

Colbert’s Late Show Marquee Is Now a Giant, Hilarious Pizza Ad

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