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This Election’s Speeches Have Been Awful

We talked to a bunch of political speechwriters to find out why.

Why Ted Cruz Picked Carly Fiorina: She’s Trump Bait

Obama’s Hypocritical Drug Policy Is His Iran-Contra Scandal

The Democratic Primary Ruined My Friendship

Why the Clinton-Sanders rivalry has gotten so personal.

New Proof That Global Warming Is Wreaking Havoc on Our Oceans


Duolingo’s New Vocabulary

The company made learning languages into a game. Now it wants to make billions by guarding the gates to English-speaking jobs.

Sports Nut

The Most Shocking Championship in the History of Professional Sports

Nearly relegated last year, Leicester City is now a virtual lock to win the Premier League. It happened by accident.

Duolingo Made Language Learning Fun. Can It Do the Same for Language Testing?

The Most Shocking Championship in the History of Professional Sports

Millions of Southern Baptists Hate Donald Trump, and They’re Not Going to Take It Anymore

The Problem With White Teachers Who Go Into Urban Schools With a “Savior Complex”

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