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Killing Terrorists Is
Not a Strategy

Trump’s vague plan for greater aggression in Afghanistan is a recipe for a never-ending war.

In Phoenix, Trump Could Pour Gasoline on the Fire He Started Last Week

Our Aging Workforce Is a Clear Problem. Republicans Just Hate Immigration Too Much to Fix It.

Trump Ignores Advice Not to Stare Directly at the Sun

Who Won the Eclipse on the Internet


Can You Ever Hold on to a City?

Vanishing New York’s author pines for the impossible: a place that changes slower than he does.

Go Ahead, Heap
Rewards on
Your Kid

Parents are told stickers and
trinkets for good behavior will
ruin their children—but the
research is wildly misunderstood.

What Is Jeremiah Moss Really Pining for When He Decries the Loss of Old New York?

Giving Kids Rewards for Good Behavior Will Not Ruin Them

Game of Thrones’ Arya and Sansa Stark Are Neglecting the Power of Sisterhood

A Disaster in Totality: The Solar Eclipse, Reviewed

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